Class XII – 2011-2012

M.Mukund Ram

Shijin Krishnan





Name Secured Marks Percentage Status
MUKUNDRAM M 490 / 500 98 % First – ( STATE I RANK)
SHIJIN KRISHNAN R 483/ 500 96.6 % Second

SCHOOL TOPPERS – CLASS XII – 2011-2012 – Commerce Stream

Name Secured Marks Percentage Status
A B JAYASREE 484/ 500 96.8 % First
ADVITHA T A 477/ 500 95.4 % Second
APOORVA N 477 / 500 95.4 % Second
No. of Students appeared 90
No. of Students passed 90
No.of Distinction 72


Mathematics MUKUNDRAM M 99 A1
Physics MUKUNDRAM M 99 A1
Mathematics MUKUNDRAM M 99 A1
Mathematics VARSHA RAGHU 95 A1
Computer Science MUKUNDRAM M 99 A1
Economics A B JAYASREE 98 A1
Accountancy APOORVA N 98 A1
Business Studies AVIENAASH E P 100 A1
Marketing APOORVA N 97 A1
Physical Education SURYA SREE R 92 A1

Kalavaibhavam 2012: An extravaganza!

The students were highly active on both the days with adrenaline rushing in to volunteer the guest schools, organize the events, conducting the events to the optimum perfection. All the office bearers had done their job appreciable.

The inauguration ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Principal, Mrs. PadminiSriraman, and Vice Principals, Mr. A. KasiViswanathan and Mrs. A. Raja Kalai. The newly constructed auditorium was filled with curious eyes and feet that tapped to the rhythm of the moments.

Judges for the various events were indeed so grateful to have shared with us a small performance and to have showcased their thoughts with us. The excitement continued on the second day also, which included a special event for the winners of JAM and Shipwreck. The dance and music teams did set the stage on fire through their vibrant performances. We had also brought in a new event to encourage the native talents of the state, “Folk dance with action”. The events brought out every bit of talent hidden to have them showcased in such grandeur.

On the eve of the second day, we had the valedictory function. Playback singer, Mr. M. J. Sriram was kindly consented to be our Chief guest, who enthralled us by humming one of his favorite tunes to us. Also, the overall trophy was bagged by Bala VidyaMandir.

Kalavaibhavam, which marks the significance of cultural events, was a great success just like every time. There are indeed a lot of people to be thanked for putting in their kind support from senior staff, teachers and students. In short, Kalavaibhavam, just as always struck a lot of minds with memories to be remembered for a long time.

Investiture Ceremony

What a prestigious and honorable time it was today! Seeing all the office bearers and the prefects getting honored was really a great thing. At 2:00 pm the auditorium was filled with a bunch of enthusiastic students eagerly waiting for their investiture. In the entrance of the school were the scouts arranged neatly and properly by our scout teacher, Mrs. Kala Senthil mam. Few minutes later our chief guest, Ms Sunitha Venugopal-Assistant commandant Indian coast guard air station arrived.

She was warmly welcomed by our principal mam, vice-principal sir and mam, teachers and the scouts. She was first led to our principal’s room and later led to the auditorium. The ceremony started. A beautiful invocation song was presented by Bargavi Manognya of 6th standard. Then our principal mam delivered the welcome speech. All of us were wonderstruck by seeing the patriotism of our chief guest; when our principal said that our chief guest’s father and grandfather worked in the Indian army.

All the prefects and office bearers were very proud when our principal said that it was only selection and not election of the leaders. Then our chief guest came forward and investitured our leaders. First it was our head boy Abjit M Das followed by our head girl Lakshmi Maya .They were followed by our assistant head boy and our assistant head girl. They were succeeded by all the house captains and assistant house captains; all the club captains and assistant captions; the secretaries and the respective teachers. Last but not the least the prefects. Then our head boy Abjit M Das gave an acceptance speech on behalf of the office bearers and promised to discharge the duties to the best of their ability.

This was followed by the long awaited speech by our chief guest. At the end of her excellent speech our chief guest was honored with a memento.Before the Vote of Thanks from our head girl, our vice principal, Mr. A. Kasiviswanathan sir gave a powerful speech and highlighted the importance of the role of the pupil leaders. The end was made very peaceful with a shloka. The success of the whole ceremony was dedicated to our P.T sir, Mr. Navneetha Krishnan and our art teacher, Mrs. Uma Bala mam. The chief guest was sent off warmly by our principal, vice principal sir, mam and the scouts.

Orientation Programme by Prof. Vipenendran, from Anna University

Prof. Vipinendra from Anna University conducted workshop on 5.6.2012.
The two hour session was based on the topic “stress management and behavioral aspects of children and their remedies”. He introduced different motivation techniques which a teacher should introduce in her classroom to make her teaching lively and interesting. The resource person conducted different games for teachers which really boasted us and transformed us into a new individual.

The session had video clippings of different people who achieved many things in their life in-spite of being physically challenged. Teachers were moved after watching those videos and we learnt the way they motivated themselves to achieve happiness in their lives.

The workshop had an impact in all the teacher’s mind and totally energized us and to start this academic year with full confidence to achieve a lot in our career.



  1. All the students and members of the staff are members of the school library.
  2. Absolute silence should be maintained inside the library during the time of reading / referring, taking and returning of the books.
  3. Student’s personal belongings i.e. bags, tiffin carriers should be kept outside the library. Students are not allowed to bring their text books and other story books, reference books inside the Library.
  4. Students are allowed to borrow only one book per ticket and retain it for a period of 7 days.
  5. Reference books cannot under any circumstances, be taken out of the library.
  6. If the book borrowed is not returned to the librarian on the due date, a fine of Rs. 1/- (depending upon the demand of the books) per day will be levied. Rs. 5/- will be charged if reader’s ticket is lost.
  7. Students are required to examine the book at the time of borrowing and report to the Librarian if there is any damage / missing of pages or picture etc.
  8. Borrowers should not pass/give the book obtained from the school library to others. No marking, underlining or any other damage to the book is allowed.
  9. Books lost, damaged or handled carelessly will have to be paid for or replaced. The decision of the Principal in this matter shall be final and binding.
  10. Students misbehaving inside the library will be severely punished.
  11. Library books will be issued according to the classwise schedule as informed by the librarian.
  12. Pupils of classes IX to XII must return the borrowed books & Reader’s tickets on or before 20th February. Similarly pupils of other classes will return the books on or before  March 15. There will be no issue of books during the summer vacation.

A Budding Writer!

Shruti Swaminathan is a student of class V of our school. She is a budding writer and has published her collection of stories recently.
Shruti, a cheerful person, at the age of 10, has published her own book titled ‘Straight from a Child’s Heart’and surely has a reason to feel happy! The book comprises of five stories written by her. It is a mixture of different elements. One of them is based on school and examinations and a parent’s trip to childhood, another includes a zodiac planet story, and yet another involves a mystery based on robbery.
Her interest in the field of writing began when she was just five years old. Her favourite books and authors include Malgudi Days, Ruskin Bond, The Adventures of Sherlock Homes, The Diary of Anne Frank, David Copperfield and Great expectations by Charles Dickens. Sometimes, her writings drew inspiration from news events. On the occasion of her 10th birthday her parents decided to self-publish a few out of her many stories as a birthday gift.
So cheers to this budding writer!

Mukund Ram addressing the school

It was yet another Monday morning. We students had already been burdened with a never-ending (two month long) wait for the results. But, finally the wait was to end as CBSE announced that on 28th May, the 12th std results would be out at 11 AM.

I was just back home from a morning game of shuttle when I heard my phone ringing. It was around 9.30AM. The caller was one of my friends who informed me that the results were indeed out. Only a few minutes back, one of my other friends had called up home and my parents were already aware that the results were out. They were anxiously waiting for the computer to switch on.

As I typed my roll number, my heart missed a beat just like it would when Ramalakshmi ma’am distributed papers in the class. None at home had any idea as to how much I’d score as I never had the habit of analysing a question paper after the exam. Once the exam was over, it was over for good. For some unperceivable reason, chemistry was always tough, for me.

My computer displayed my result and everyone at home stared at the screen in disbelief! I heard my sister mumble “Is this real?” No one had a clue I would score 98% though all of us were expecting a ‘good score’. I was ecstatic and was jumping with joy. I was literally ‘awe-struck’.

I had scored a 99 each in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science; and a 94 in English. Within 15 minutes, I got to know that I topped the school, which was by itself a great surprise for me. But it wasn’t until around 3.30 in the evening that I came to know that I topped the state (with a few others, of course).

Later that day, I gave my first ever TV interview. It was indeed a very proud moment for my parents and teachers to see me on TV. Newspaper reporters called me up to have a small chat. I relived the proud moments when I saw the news clippings in different newspapers. Those couple of days will always remain among the best in my lifetime.

Exactly 12 months ago, I was enjoying the last few days of my 11th class holiday, with a very crucial year ahead. I hadn’t used much of the vacation studying the part of the syllabus which was taught in the first few weeks of April before the vacation. After all, I was confident that I had a full year of studies in front of me.

Until the revision exams, one routine continued – around 3 hours of study a day. Every morning, I woke up around 6AM and studied for an hour. Additionally, in the evening I would try to squeeze in 1 to 2 more hours of study. Quite obviously, during revisions, the number of hours of preparation increased.

It is also very important to keep yourself physically active lest it should hamper your grasping capability. Also, it is important to have hobbies and recreations to revamp your attentiveness. I never missed my keyboard classes or shuttle sessions with friends until the exams.

At the end of the long year, there’s one lesson I learnt. It is smart work that paves the way for success; not mere hard work. Also, one has to devise one’s own strategy to work. It is not possible for someone to be taught to study. Studying must be a habit.

At the end of my tenth standard, my dad jokingly told me once that he would get me a car should I score a national rank in 12th std and should my photo be published in the newspapers. A joke back then has turned into reality. So “pa, where’s the car?”