Guiness World Record Event

The 3rd series of IISF ( India International Science Festival ) was organized from 13th to 16th October 2017 at Chennai. As a part of the festival, in Anna University Campus at Chennai, an attempt for new Guinness World Record for “The Largest Biology Lesson” was made by 1049 students on 14th October 2017.Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Science, Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated the event and said that it is the vision of the Prime Minister, Shri.Narendra Modi, to encourage and promote science and the Govt. of India has launched many flagship Programmes in this regard. Students of Class IX and X of our school also participated in this event.

A live demonstration on the process of isolation of DNA from Papaya fruit was also part of the program. Mr. Swapnil Dangarikar, Official Adjudicator of Guinness World Records was present to judge the event.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan congratulated the students and felt proud of their effort in creating New Guinness World Record. He added that he was confident about the students earning the World Record and also felicitated the teachers from the participated schools in his speech.



Origami is a Japanese word which means ’Paper folding’. It is a craft that all ages enjoy doing . By this technique one can create objects and shapes on paper by folding without using scissors or glue.

This is taught in schools from lower classes because young children can learn about basic concepts in Mathematics like lines, planes, shapes ,and their relationships.

During GANIT week celebration, the origami competition was held on the 22nd of December 2014 , for class VI. The event turned out to be a massive success. There were many entries from children and each origami done by them had significant meaning.


To commemorate the birthday of the great Indian Mathematician, Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujan, GANIT week is being celebrated in our school premises from 16th to 22nd December 2014. As a part of this occasion, children of class VII made charts and posters highlighting his achievements in the field of Mathematics. The life history of Ramanujan motivated the children to develop a keen interest in the subject.

Mathematics Quiz

To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujan, a maths quiz was held on 18th December 2014 at the school premises. Students from classes VIII, and IX participated in the Maths Quiz. Questions were based on this great Mathematician’s life, his mathematical achievements, and the ways in which he was recognized for his contribution. This quiz was very informative to the students . It helped them to develop a competitive spirit and a sense of pride in having been born in a country where such legends lived. His simple life and his achievements during a short period of time inspired the young minds.

The Heritage Club 2012-13 Inauguration

On 15th August, 2012, the Heritage Club of our school was inaugurated for the academic year 2012-2013. This coincided with the 150th centenary celebration of Swami Vivekananda.

The program was inaugurated by Commandant S. Prem Kumar, DHQ-5, Coast Guard. As part of the celebration the students of classes 6 to 9 presented posters, charts, book marks, wall hangings and models. A few of the students also came dressed as Swami Vivekananda and spoke a few words about the ideas he propagated. It enabled the children to gain knowledge and exposed them to new ideas and thought processes. The exhibition was viewed by the students of other classes as well as the parents. The event was coordinated by Mrs. Savithri and Mrs. Uma Maheswari of the Social Science Department. The program helped propagate ideas of universal religion, secularity and peace. It helped the students look beyond social classifications and allowed them to get a holistic view of diversity in community.

Everyone including the Chief Guest, parents and fellow students were thrilled to view the exhibition and were amazed by the efforts of their fellow comrades. The interactions aroused patriotic feelings in the young students. On the whole, the day was fun-packed, colourful and memorable.

By Anushree .N & Amita .V. Khatawkar
X ‘A’



  1. All the students and members of the staff are members of the school library.
  2. Absolute silence should be maintained inside the library during the time of reading / referring, taking and returning of the books.
  3. Student’s personal belongings i.e. bags, tiffin carriers should be kept outside the library. Students are not allowed to bring their text books and other story books, reference books inside the Library.
  4. Students are allowed to borrow only one book per ticket and retain it for a period of 7 days.
  5. Reference books cannot under any circumstances, be taken out of the library.
  6. If the book borrowed is not returned to the librarian on the due date, a fine of Rs. 1/- (depending upon the demand of the books) per day will be levied. Rs. 5/- will be charged if reader’s ticket is lost.
  7. Students are required to examine the book at the time of borrowing and report to the Librarian if there is any damage / missing of pages or picture etc.
  8. Borrowers should not pass/give the book obtained from the school library to others. No marking, underlining or any other damage to the book is allowed.
  9. Books lost, damaged or handled carelessly will have to be paid for or replaced. The decision of the Principal in this matter shall be final and binding.
  10. Students misbehaving inside the library will be severely punished.
  11. Library books will be issued according to the classwise schedule as informed by the librarian.
  12. Pupils of classes IX to XII must return the borrowed books & Reader’s tickets on or before 20th February. Similarly pupils of other classes will return the books on or before  March 15. There will be no issue of books during the summer vacation.

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Welcome to Hindu School

– Holistic excellence with “Right thought”, ‘Right plan” and “Right Action”

MISSION– The school intends to help young minds to achieve academic excellence with high moral and ethical standards. The school encourages each individual with supportive environment to improve the overall personality to serve the community and to achieve this goal through quality eduation.

MOTTO – Satyam, Jnanam,Anantam, Brahmam

Principal’s Note
“Where love and skill work together, expect masterpiece!” goes the
famous proverb by John Ruskin. The adage is the guiding factor for The
Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar that is in its 31st year “Loving,
caring and nurturing talent is what we believe in, it has provided us
with wonderful results so far.  We don’t follow a rigid system in the
school at all, and believe in giving our students full freedom. The
school believes in gearing up to equip the students to adapt to the
current technological revolution that is taking the country by storm.
The school was established in the 1978 under the auspices of the Hindu
Education Organization, the school follows holistic approach towards
child development & follows a CBSE syllabus, it is most popular for
mixing academics and extracurricular activities in equal proportions.
The ideals of The Hindu Senior Secondary School at Indira Nagar are
based on imparting value-based education to the next generation.
noble ideals of our ancestors and basic principles of the society are
taught so that the social, intellectual, spiritual, physical traits in
children go through comprehensive development. “Many of our teachers
have been with the school since its inception, and have helped the
students provide consistent results year after year. We also ensure
that our cultural activities benefit our students by developing their
organizing skills.  The school has always had a good record in sports,
too.   The Hindu Senior Secondary School does not insist on taking in
only toppers, and that the heterogeneous student population is the
school’s identity. All the students are offered opportunities to
perform.  People seek the school as it plays a major role in fostering
the fine arts talents in students.  Our approach is what keeps the
students rooted to the school forever. Frequent brainstorming sessions
and inter school discussions among the teaching faculty are conducted
to tackle any speed breakers in the academic mainstream or
co-curricular activities.
“We believe in creating achievers in all
walks of life, it is this philosophy of ours that has ensured that our
alumni are spread across various fields, including sports”. To make an
interactive environment for students beyond classrooms, the school
also allows constant junior senior interaction among its students.  We
have noticed that students tend to look up to their seniors and are
very receptive to their ideas and advice.   We as teachers, are
constantly keeping in pace with that curiosity.  The Hindu Senior
Secondary School is one that does not believe in hanging on to old
values, it changes them with the time, and this philosophy has
definitely kept it in good stead.