Get Set Go! The Annual Sports Day

On 16th of August,2011, we had the Annual Sports Day for the academic year 2011-2012. Students began training and practice for the day, from weeks before. The entire school found itself busy and bustling at Nehru Stadium and everyone was ready to get into action. The Chief Guest for the opening ceremony was  Sri. M. Tamizh Vendan (IRS), Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Chennai. He enlightened the day with his speech, which all students found both, inspirational and moving. This was followed by the mass drill performed by the students of fifth grade and the march past. The march past was performed by the students of the senior classes, belonging to all the four houses: Cheran, Cholan, Pandiyan and Pallavan. Then, it was time for the events to begin and the students cheered as they saw their peers-their favourite athletes and sprinters, displaying their sportive talents. There was a healthy and neck-to-neck competition among the students of the four houses and everyone eagerly awaited the results. Finally the Cholan House won the shield for the best march past and the Pallavan house won the award for the best cumulative performance in all the sports events. Though everyone was tired by the day end, their enthusiasm, joy and sportive spirit remained intact. All the students had an enjoyable and fun-packed day as they tuned themselves to the words ‘Get Set Go’.
By Abhijit M. Das