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Welcome to Hindu School

– Holistic excellence with “Right thought”, ‘Right plan” and “Right Action”

MISSION– The school intends to help young minds to achieve academic excellence with high moral and ethical standards. The school encourages each individual with supportive environment to improve the overall personality to serve the community and to achieve this goal through quality eduation.

MOTTO – Satyam, Jnanam,Anantam, Brahmam

Principal’s Note
“Where love and skill work together, expect masterpiece!” goes the famous proverb by John Ruskin. The adage is the guiding factor for The Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar that is in its 31st year “Loving, caring and nurturing talent is what we believe in, it has provided us with wonderful results so far. We don’t follow a rigid system in the school at all, and believe in giving our students full freedom. The school believes in gearing up to equip the students to adapt to the current technological revolution that is taking the country by storm. The school was established in the 1978 under the auspices of the Hindu Education Organization, the school follows holistic approach towards child development & follows a CBSE syllabus, it is most popular for mixing academics and extracurricular activities in equal proportions. The ideals of The Hindu Senior Secondary School at Indira Nagar are based on imparting value-based education to the next generation.
The noble ideals of our ancestors and basic principles of the society are taught so that the social, intellectual, spiritual, physical traits in children go through comprehensive development. “Many of our teachers have been with the school since its inception, and have helped the students provide consistent results year after year. We also ensure that our cultural activities benefit our students by developing their organizing skills.  The school has always had a good record in sports, too. The Hindu Senior Secondary School does not insist on taking in only toppers, and that the heterogeneous student population is the school’s identity. All the students are offered opportunities to perform.  People seek the school as it plays a major role in fostering the fine arts talents in students.  Our approach is what keeps the students rooted to the school forever. Frequent brainstorming sessions and inter school discussions among the teaching faculty are conducted to tackle any speed breakers in the academic mainstream or co-curricular activities.
“We believe in creating achievers in all walks of life, it is this philosophy of ours that has ensured that our alumni are spread across various fields, including sports”. To make an interactive environment for students beyond classrooms, the school
also allows constant junior senior interaction among its students.  We have noticed that students tend to look up to their seniors and are very receptive to their ideas and advice.   We as teachers, are constantly keeping in pace with that curiosity.  The Hindu Senior Secondary School is one that does not believe in hanging on to old values, it changes them with the time, and this philosophy has definitely kept it in good stead.

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