Evaluation Pattern

Weightage for Formative Assessment [FA]  and  Summative Assessment [SA]

The evaluation pattern is as follows :

I Term 
April to September
II Term 
October to March

For the assessment of scholastic subjects, each term will have two Formative Assessments (FA) and one Summative Assessment SA)

Class I Term II Term
III to X FA I 10% FA III 10%
FA II 10% FA IV 10%
SA I 30% SA II 30%

The formative assessments include class tests, class assignments, homework, projects, lab activities, slip tests, oral tests and reading, writing and listening skills.
In addition to these life skills, attitudes and values, creative skills, aesthetic skills, performing arts, health and physical education will also be evaluated.
For LKG, UKG, I, II, XI and XII the existing system will continue.