Origami is a Japanese word which means ’Paper folding’. It is a craft that all ages enjoy doing . By this technique one can create objects and shapes on paper by folding without using scissors or glue.

This is taught in schools from lower classes because young children can learn about basic concepts in Mathematics like lines, planes, shapes ,and their relationships.

During GANIT week celebration, the origami competition was held on the 22nd of December 2014 , for class VI. The event turned out to be a massive success. There were many entries from children and each origami done by them had significant meaning.


To commemorate the birthday of the great Indian Mathematician, Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujan, GANIT week is being celebrated in our school premises from 16th to 22nd December 2014. As a part of this occasion, children of class VII made charts and posters highlighting his achievements in the field of Mathematics. The life history of Ramanujan motivated the children to develop a keen interest in the subject.

Mathematics Quiz

To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujan, a maths quiz was held on 18th December 2014 at the school premises. Students from classes VIII, and IX participated in the Maths Quiz. Questions were based on this great Mathematician’s life, his mathematical achievements, and the ways in which he was recognized for his contribution. This quiz was very informative to the students . It helped them to develop a competitive spirit and a sense of pride in having been born in a country where such legends lived. His simple life and his achievements during a short period of time inspired the young minds.